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Psychology Primer on Peak Oil:

The Psychology of Peak Oil Awareness
Psychological Aspects of Peak Oil II: Reconnecting to Basic Dependencies
The Psychology of Peak Oil Awareness III: Seeing New Possibilities
The Psychology of Peak Oil Awareness IV: Rigid categories of “People Like Me” and “People Not Like Me” will become less important in creating community.
The Psychology of Peak Oil Awareness V: Peak Oil will sort out your friends from your acquaintances (even in your own family), so find out the difference now.<
The Psychology of Peak Oil Awareness VI: Rethinking Work
Peak Oil and The Psychological Community
Husbands, Wives and Peak Oil Lives
Preparing for The Family Holiday Dinner
The Psychology of an Outlook
All Along the Watchtower
Some Thoughts on the Psychology of Community: Part I and Part II
Shopping for Safety
The Psychology of Storing Food
The Psychology of the ‘Space Cowboy’ Prepper

Staying Sane in Hard Times
Greater Depressions: Social and Behavioral Trends of Economic Collapse
Invisible Women of the Great Depression
The Power of “Doing”
Visions of the New Suburban Lifestyle
Reclaim Your Real Estate!
26 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW To Manage Your Anxiety
It may be the Devil, or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody…
Positive Thinking as Psychological Terrorism
The Tyranny of Positive Thinking
Do You Have a Panglossian Disorder? or Economic and Planetary Collapse: Is it a Therapeutic Issue?
Three Types of Doomers and Fantasy Collapse
Two Years of Peak Oil Blues…
Psychological Resilience and Disaster Management
Any Major Dude Will Tell You
If You Feel Stressed, Walk Around Your Home
The Function of Denial
On Doing “Enough”

For Professional Mental Health Workers & Activists:
The Diagnostic Trilogy (Why You Shouldn’t Pathologize This Stuff)
DSM Trilogy: Framing the Insanity
DSM Trilogy: Pathological Labeling – Carborexics
Paranoid and Delusional Disorders & Peak Oil
Psychological Abuse in Spouses around Peak Oil
Peak Oil Awareness and Clinical Depression
The Survival Mindset
Parameters for Coaching for Collapse
I Just Dropped in to See What Condition My Transition Was In: Part I Part II and Part III.
Blending Worlds

If You Are Facing Economic Hard Times/Bankruptcy or Student Loan Defaults:
What would be your action plan if you knew you only had 30 more days to work at your current job and you aren’t sure if you will be able to collect any unemployment?
The Psychology of Money and an Italian Greeting
Get Out of Credit Card Debt! Now!
Bankruptcy: The Board (Bored) Game, Part I
The Bankruptcy Game: Part Two
The Bankruptcy Game: Part Three
The Bankruptcy Game: Part Four
The Bankruptcy Game: Part Five
The Bankruptcy Game: Part Six
The Bankruptcy Game: Part Seven
“End of Boom Psychology” or “The Great Spending Contractions”
Should I Default on My Student Loan?
Pilfered Dreams: The Story of Student Loans and Sallie Mae
Psychology Grad Student Rethinks Plans
Future Visions of a Twenty-Something
College Grad’s Parental Preparations for a Peak Oil Life
Coming Up Aware
A Graduate Student of Peak Oil, Now Ready for Commencement.
Twenty-something Fears Death, Peak Oil
Soon to be a college graduate and perma-ready
Almost 20 years old and Keepin’ Hope Alive

Climate Change:
The Emotional Scientist & Melting Models
Eleven Thousand Football Fields of Floating Ice

Social Commentary:
Remember, Remember the 5th of September, 2000
Spreading Manure over Astroturf: Why Ad Men Hate ‘Brown’
The Cost of Freedom- Naomi Wolf Style
Kucinich Speaks: Expanding Industry, Saving Energy, and NO SACRIFICE !
The Art of Laughing and Forgetting
“Corn:” It’s not just for gas tanks anymore…
Get Your Kicks on Route 6-6-6
US Debt Skyrockets while Jobs Worldwide Evaporate
Get out of that kitchen, and rattle those pots and pans…
US Press Sits Silent as World Explodes in Oil Protests


The Collection of Letters Received by Peak Shrink

Contributing Editors: 52 posts

Chuck Willis:
“Iceburg Dead Ahead, Captain!” — Saudi’s 8% Oil Decline is the Iceberg in the Titanic Disaster
A Different Sort of Hummer
Pride, Pomp, and Circumstance
Saying Goodbye to a Word
Back to the Future Anxious
Is It Just Me???
Water, Water, Nowhere
Living In The Vortex
The Hourglass Syndrome
The Willis Parking Lot Theorem
The Change in the Couch
Reflections on Labor Day Waiting for High Noon
The Dead Possum Salesman
The Point of No Return
Just Enough
The Lessons of the Ration Book
Something’s in the Air
Thoughts on the Gulf
What Time is It?
Convenience is a Word in the Dictionary
Peak Oil Pinball
Who Were You?
It Takes a Worried Man to Sing a Worried Song
2011 Ahead – Use Low Gear
Alternate Energy – It may be closer than you think
The Decline of Precision
In Paper We Trust
Images and Anxieties
What Happens in Japan Stays in Japan –NOT
Good News / Bad News
Where Will We Spend Our Vacation?
We’re Dancing as Fast as We Can
Shades of Blindness
The Good Old Summertime
The Secret Marriage of the E’s
Living in the Land of Pharaohs
The Barometer is Falling
Nerves of Steel
The Charge of the Peak Oil Brigade
The Snow Globe Crystal Ball
Do Your Homework
The Background Music Has Gone Silent
Lies, Pipe Dreams, and Promises
The Essentials – Less with Less
The Limits of Technology
Dead Reckoning
Where will the Grandchildren Live?
Peak Education
The Crisis Shell Game
Images and Anxieties
Fast Forward

Brian Merchant:
Talking Points: There Ought To Be A Plan
Talking Points: Back Door Plan
Talking Points: Letter to Legislators
Talking Points: A little help for St. Paul
Talking Points: When is Peak Oil?
Talking Points: Energy Inflation

Carla Royal, M.Ed.:
The Year of the Bear

In Her Own Voice:
When a Tsunami of Truth Rises out of ‘Peak Everything’…
Psychological Resilience and Disaster Management
A Balm for Global Stress Syndrome

Frank Lee:
Peak Toil: A Fable of the Future?

Lisa Rayner:
Transition Culture, Social Tolerance and Moral Courage: Why Permaculture Activists Must Work for Human Rights and Social Justice
Transition Culture, Social Tolerance and Moral Courage: Why Permaculture Activists Must Work for Human Rights and Social Justice II