About POB

There are sites that list the ‘facts and figures’ about the cost of fossil fuels and the number of barrels of oil left for the planet to consume. There are sites about climate change. We also hear about the volatility of the US dollar and the financial markets. The information is out there, albeit in conflicting detail.

This site is different. We don’t want to be another blog that repeats or debates those numbers. We assume Peak Oil is real. Our goal is to talk about the emotional reactions to living in such a time of uncertainty. For example:

  • It is one thing to watch the price at the pump increase. It is another thing to realize that visiting your relatives living several hours away can cost $50 to $100 a trip, and this now becomes a constraint.
  • Were you told to invest in silver when it was $6.12. It’s now dramatically higher. Do you have strong feelings about this? You betcha. Did you have good reason NOT to buy it? Of course you did. But you still have an emotional reaction…
  • Learning about alternative energy is a lesson in humility. Just figure out how many kWh your household uses each day and multiply that number by what? 2,5, 8 thousands of dollars, for a rough estimate of what a solar unit would cost to replace your electric company hook-up. Now realize that you still can’t have your electric range or 21 cubic foot refrigerator…
  • Being an ‘outsider’ to family and friends means no longer seeing the world as they do, including the future. Do you try and talk to them? What do you say? How do you respond to them?

More than simply talking about emotional reactions, the purpose of this site is to identify ones that are blocking positive action and move through them. Taking action despite uncertainty. Making steps each day that you are comfortable taking.

My name is Kathy McMahon, Psy.D., and I am the founder and main contributor to this site.

You can read more about my credentials here,

You can also read what peoples say about my work here.

While I do provide individual and couples coaching,   my goal on my blog is to dialogue about what kinds of emotions are to be expected and anticipated and how other people have learned to manage them. I’ll throw in other posts, when I have something to say. I invite your participation, but will not debate the “validity” of Peak Oil. There are plenty of other places to debate that sort of thing, and at this point, I agree with Dave Cohen, that question has been answered.

We also have a small team of writers that are expert in their respective fields. These areas have an emotional reality to them when dealing with an uncertain time. We invite writers from all walks of life to contribute. I believe exploring these themes, and about how each of us moves through it is a very useful exercise. The most valuable contributions, however, are the letters I receive from people just like you, who have taken time to try to explain what they’ve been going through as they have journeyed down the Peak Oil ‘rabbit hole.’

I invite you to join them and to write to me. I never post names or information I think might identify you.  While I do not post every letter I receive, I do attempt to respond to every one. The issues you are coping with may be just the ones that will offer relief, comfort, and solidarity to someone else experiencing the same emotions half-way around the globe or in your own back yard. Already, I’m hooking people up with each other!

And our contributors ARE from all around the World, despite my biased USA perspective. Please join us. Send your letters to peakoilblues@gmail.com or use the contact page.