About Dr. K

Professional Education:

I am a clinical psychologist, receiving a doctoral-level degree in 1988 and was licensed in 1990.

Psychologist & Health Care Provider, Massachusetts License (#5036).

Licensure /Certification, Professional Organizations and Offices:

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy:

Clinical Member. Executive Board, Massachusetts State Division (1992-1996).

National Register of Health Service Providers.


American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists:

Certified Sex Therapist Diplomat and Certified Sex Educator.

Current Positions:

I teach at the graduate level in several colleges/universities, and I maintain a face-to-face psychotherapy practice as well as writing at Peak Oil Blues. You can learn more details below:

I teach masters’ and doctoral level graduate students in the following colleges/universities:
Cambridge College, MA
Antioch New England Graduate School, NH
St. Joseph College, CT

Private Practice:

In addition to an online/telephone practice, I maintain a face-to-face psychotherapy practice in Western Massachusetts in the foothills of the beautiful Berkshires.  You can read more about my work with couples at Berkshire Couples Counseling.  I providing a broad spectrum of community-oriented care. I specialize in working with couples on relationship issues and sexual difficulties. My approach is solution-focused. Previously I have worked with every age groups from toddlers to the elderly.  Additional focus of treatment issues include anxiety and stress-management, somatoform & postpartum disorders, and child behavioral disorders.

Former Experience:
For three years (2009-2012) I worked as a supervisor for pre-doctoral psychology interns, at Community Services Institute in Springfield, Massachusetts.  I supervised interns working with folks in “deep poverty” who had complex trauma.  I learned a lot about keeping your sanity when there appears to be positively nothing positive in your life.